High-Intensity Professionals Program

The High-Intensity Professionals Program is designed to determine the exact struggles your client is facing and how they can overcome them for future success.

Providing a Path Forward

The evaluation will determine the next steps that your client should take toward minimizing the risk that substance use poses to their career. If full residential programming is appropriate, professionals may continue their care on-site with the cost of assessment being applied to a full inpatient stay.

Alternately, staff may recommend outpatient treatment through a program closer to the professional’s home—or no further care requirements at all.

No matter what the assessment determines, the High-Intensity Professionals Program staff is fully equipped to guide you and your client through the next steps toward continuing their professional success.

A Complete, Comprehensive Evaluation

Enrollment in the High-Performing Professionals Program offers everything your client needs to overcome this obstacle, including:

  • An assessment tailored to the needs of their profession and to their needs as a unique individual
  • Treatment from a highly-qualified medical and clinical staff with extensive experience in working with high-profile clientele
  • Intensive evaluation including but not limited to lab and polygraph tests
  • Medically-supervised detox to cleanse the body of harmful effects of substances, if necessary
  • Group programming specifically designed to cover the special issues facing high-visibility clients like yours
  • Care in an upscale, discreet facility where your client will feel comfortable
  • Easy access to two major airports and private airfields in the centrally located Dallas-Fort Worth area for travel needs