Serenity View’s Family Education Program

Serenity View’s Family Education Program provided my family with the tools we needed to begin healing.

Dealing with an addict is never easy. Just as an addicted person changes in the course of an addiction, so does the family. Spouses, siblings, and parents of addicts often absorb many of the consequences. Often, family members become distant. They can’t talk openly about the issue that’s harming them, so they end up not talking about much of anything at all.

These silences and blame games can cripple a family when help is desperately needed. They may not have the tools to assist someone in active recovery, and they may not have the energy to help themselves. Serenity View Recovery Center offers a Family Weekend. The Family Education Program at Serenity View is designed to be both educational and interactive. This program opens healthy lines of communication and helps a family start the healing process.

A family therapy program, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, is designed to break down that sensation of distrust, guilt, and stress. Families that were once defined by anger and by addiction can be transformed into tight, well-oiled units that support one another.

As an alumni member and an employee I can testify that the Family Education Program gave my family the tools to a healthier, more satisfying relationship. I am forever grateful for Serenity View’s Family Education Program.