Family Program

Evidence-based addiction treatment for families ready to recover together

Addiction affects everyone around you, but you’re not alone. Serenity View believes including your chosen loved ones in your recovery process is key to success and sobriety after treatment. Our family program aims to create strong bonds so you have loved ones to support you once your journey outside of treatment begins.

Family Therapy

Your comprehensive treatment plan includes a weekly family therapy session. The frequency of these sessions depends on your individual needs.

Family Education

Your chosen loved ones will be invited to participate in a Family Weekend Education program. They will interact in group discussion, attend education panels lead by addiction specialists, and participate in family therapy.

Serenity View will contact your family with details about this event.

Family Contact & Visits

If you’re progressing well through treatment, we encourage family contact. Once you’ve completed five days of treatment, up to five of your loved ones are welcome to visit on Sundays.

All Sunday visitors will attend our weekly education and support program, Family Forum, from 12:30 to 1:00 pm. They must fill out an approved visitor list before their visit and agree to follow our rules, including no phones or cameras and no outside food allowed. If you have questions about visiting please contact us.

Both contact and visitation will be arranged at the discretion of our treatment professionals.

If you have questions about how loved ones can help during treatment, please give us a call.